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Material Handling > Magliner Aluminium Hand Trucks > Handles
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 ItemDescriptionDimensionsPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
400760Vertical P Loop No.15A52" height$61.085 (UN)
400761Horizontal Loop No.11$29.146 (UN)
400762Horizontal Loop with Brace No.12$40.222 (UN)
400763Single Grip Handle No.1352" height$44.920 (UN)
400765Vertical P Loop No.15A52" height$64.300 (UN)
400766Bolted Double Grip Handles No.16$48.802 (ST)
400767Single Grip No.1752" height$41.439 (UN)
400768Single Grip No.13C60" height$86.944 (UN)
400769Horizontal Vinyl Loop No.19$36.480 (UN)
400776Double loop handle No. 25B55" height$64.035 (UN)
400780Double Grip with loop No.3052" height$57.870 (UN)