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Material Handling > Electric Stair Climbing Hand Trucks - Escalera > Escalera Powered Stair Climber
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  • For one-person delivery or moving operations, frequent office equipment relocation, and wherever heavy moving is needed
  • Just balance the load, press Up-Down switch and let the electro-mechanical feet do the rest
  • Please add assembly charge 400820 to your order for an Escalera hand truck when adding any accessory. If not, the item will be shipped separately
 ItemDescriptionCapacityDimensionsPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
460110MS-66700 lb66"$3,374.932 (UN)
460115MS-72700 lb72"$3,166.646 (UN)
460120MS-1-721200 lb72"$3,504.208 (UN)
460125MS-1-661200 lb66"$3,504.208 (UN)
460135Model RLA-HC with lift attachment 68"$4,493.530 (UN)
460145Model RLA-EW w/auto stairclimber & removable forks1200 lb68"$4,942.158 (UN)
460200Big Toe Plate Attachment1200 lb12" x 28"$222.332 (UN)
46020312v Sealed Gel - Cell Battery$288.752 (UN)
460204Gel Cell battery with 1466 harness12" X 32"$241.815 (UN)
460205Big Toe Plate Attachment1200 lb12" X 32"$225.032 (UN)
460210Rechargeable Battery$179.072 (UN)
460215Big Wheel Attachment1200 lb10" x 14"$252.369 (UN)
460220Retractable Load Support1200 lb$332.789 (UN)
460221Lifting Chain Left Side$191.697 (UN)
460222Lifting Chain Right Side$191.714 (UN)