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Storage > Polyethylene Tanks
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  • Ideal for food and chemical handling, hospitals and pharmaceuticals, FDA approved material
  • Sanitary containers are molded from polyethylene, specially formulated to withstand stress cracking and impact damage
  • Rotational moulding provides a seamless surface which is rustproof and stress free
  • Used in temperatures from 32° to 180°F
  • Colour: Natural White
  • Note: Lids are no longer available
 ItemDescriptionCapacityColourDimensionsPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
533115Cylindrical 25 gallon25 gallonsNatural White16 x 35"$73.364 (ST)
533145Cylindrical 125 gallon125 gallonsNatural White30 x 48"$409.973 (UN)
533306Rectangular 15 gallon15 gallonsNatural White45 x 22 x 5"$137.664 (UN)
533340Rectangular 30 gallon30 gallonsNatural White35 x 23 x 10"$132.917 (UN)
533345Rectangular 50 gallon50 gallonsNatural White45 x 22 x 15"$204.123 (UN)
533350Rectangular 60 gallon60 gallonsNatural White35 x 23 x 23"$232.605 (UN)
533355Rectangular 75 gallon75 gallonsNatural White42 x 24 x 24"$284.823 (UN)
533360Rectangular 100 gallon100 gallonsNatural White37 x 26 x 31"$332.294 (UN)