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Janitorial & Sanitation > SOS Storage Bins
Untitled Document Only items 532800, 532795 and 532790 have fork lift pockets.
 ItemDescriptionCapacityColourDimensionsPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
532790SOS Storage Bin3500 lbYellow72 L x 36 W x 36" H$684.369 (UN)
532795SOS Storage Bin1750 lbYellow48 L x 33 W x 34" H$371.259 (UN)
532800SOS Storage Bin1000 lbYellow42 L x 29 W x 30" H$254.961 (UN)
532805SOS Storage Bin500 lbYellow34 L x 24 W x 24" H$187.440 (UN)