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Material Handling > Pallet Lift Trucks > Titan Pallet Lift Truck Parts - 5000lb Capacity > Fork Frame Assembly
Untitled Document Titan fork frame assembly
 ItemDescriptionQuantity per CasePriceQuantityAdd to Cart
460903Frame1$312.000 (UN)
460909Torsion Bar - 27" Wide Truck1$232.334 (UN)
460912Bushing4$4.160 (UN)
460915Bulk Head Pin2$8.888 (UN)
460921Bushing6$4.004 (UN)
460924Split Pin2$1.248 (UN)
460930Polyurethane Load Roller1$75.419 (UN)
460933Nylon Load Roller2$60.871 (UN)
460939Lever Arm Assembly includes Bushings (items #6 And #10)2$77.641 (ST)
460945Axle includes Bolt, Sleeve and Nut2$28.807 (UN)
460948Spacer Washer4$3.375 (UN)
460957Fork Pin2$13.410 (UN)
460993Eye Bolt Pin2$4.419 (UN)
460996Split Pin4$1.050 (UN)
461002Lock Bolt1$2.756 (UN)