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The versatile ALL-IN-ONE System that lifts... Plus So Much More!

If you are you searching for a product to: Stack, Lift, Shift, Raise, Lower, Pull, Tow, Carry, Position, or Roll - then LiftPus is the solution for you.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Job-Related Injuries with this All-in-One Stacker, Transporter and Positioner.

  • Minimizes bending and stretching
  • Narrow footprint fits through doorways and tight spaces; no fork truck required
  • Provides a variable height work surface
  • Supports diverse loading requirements
  • Electric screw drive lift system provides smooth, quiet operation
  • Quick change adapter allows easy changes between attachments
  • Easy to operate, and no certification required
  • 350 lb capacity
  • Lifts 1.8"/second
  • Model: LPS7225
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The LiftPlus truck easily and safely folds for compact storage with a robust locking feature. Rear rollers permit the folded unit to be moved with ease.

Attachment height (fully lifted)
Attachment height (fully lowered)
Overall height
Overall depth
Weight (base unit)
Battery capacity (median load)
Overall width (varies)
114 lb
125-150 lift cycles when fully charged
22" for 14" chassis and 33" for 25" chassis


Quickly handle a variety of tasks with the LiftPlus attachments.

Work Bench

LiftPlus System work bench LiftPlus System work bench LiftPlus System work bench
LiftPlus System work bench LiftPlus System work bench  

The LiftPlus Work Bench has an 18 x 18" platform that will expand up to 28" long. Work clamps, vice handle and a load securing back bar are included.


LiftPlus System arbor LiftPlus System arbor

The 24"L x 1.5"Ø arbor accommodates rolled material and is easy to mount

External Battery Charger

LiftPlus System battery charger

The external battery charger allows you to charge an extra battery while the LifPlus truck is in use. This will result in reduced downtime.

Straight Fork

LiftPlus System straight fork
LiftPlus System straight fork

This quick change fork is 18.5 W x 18.5" L
5" height from floor

LiftPlus 12v 15Ah Battery

LiftPlus 12v 15Ah Battery


LiftPlus System v-tray

Accommodates cylindrical products 4" to 24"
Requires 400603 fork attachment
Dimensions (W x L x H): 19" x 24.5 x 5"

DescriptionMagliner LiftPlus System
Dimensions84 x 37 x 33"
Price$4,650.26 (UN)
Quantity on handIn Stock