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It's Fast, it's Robust, and it works on ALL stairs!
The GlydeTM Hand Truck is ideal for delivery personnel who must bring kegs and cases of beer down stairs. This innovative hand truck offers a safer delivery method, reduces the rate of back injury and lowers liability cost for employers.

  • The lightweight Magliner hand truck with Glyde Technology* provides automatic pre-set braking for safer load control while descending stairs
  • Easily move loads up to 350 lb down stairs
  • Folding treads enable use on stairs and level surfaces
  • Built-in braking system reduces musculoskeletal strain
  • The treads engage a minimum of two steps at all times for positive traction and a smooth descent
  • Extruded aluminium footplate 20W x 12"D
  • Straight frame with a vertical strap
  • 4-ply tube-type tires with three-piece offset hub and semi-precision bearings (1060)
  • This hand truck only ships assembled, please add item 400820 to your order
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Bolt-on vertical strap

Medical Validation
"The back strain charts clearly demonstrate that the primary force has been markedly decreased from the back muscles. In addition, the jerky movements, which can lead to acute injury, have been removed."

-Jacqueline Napoletano, M.D.

Reduced Acceleration
The acceleration varied dramatically between Glyde and the traditional hand truck. Each of the red peaks corresponds to the tradional truck connecting with each step, while Glyde went down smoothly with minimal jolts. The average peak acceleration of the Glyde was 9x less than that of what is currently used.

Reduced Back Strain
As the traditional hand truck connected with each step, the user experienced a huge jump in back muscle activation. Clyde again traveled down steps smoothly with much lower muscle activation. Overall, use of the Glyde Hand Truck required 3x less average muscle strain and 8x less average peak muscle strain than its counterpart.

Price$2,725.33 (UN)
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