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SAC-BAND plastic strip garbage bag holder

SAC-BAND Garbage Bag Holder

The SAC-BAND plastic strip is designed to hold a trash bag for either garbage or recycling. The SAC-BAND strip attaches to walls or shelving systems and once secure it cannot be overturned or moved. If accidentally hit by a forklift truck the SAC-BAND will bend and immediately resume its shape.

  • Ideal for warehouses and plants where cleanliness and hygiene are important
  • The SAC-BAND is plastic which makes contamination more difficult
  • When the bag is changed everything remains clean and there is no more need to regularly clean garbage containers.

Advantages of using SAC-BAND over commercial trash containers are:

  • SAC-BAND is just a fraction of the cost of commercial trash containers
  • The time and effort of changing a bag is well below the cost of cleaning a trash container

The resistance of the SAC-BAND depends entirely on the strength of the bag it supports.

SAC-BAND plastic strip garbage bag holder

SAC-BAND holds the bags via hooks on the rear bracket and a retaining band covers the bag over supporting band. Changing the bag only takes a few seconds by lifting the retaining band to remove the full bag, replace with a new bag and lower the retaining band.

For Garbage Bags: 30 - 40"

DescriptionSAC-BAND Garbage Bag Holder
Price$64.10 (UN)
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